Theme Attics Comics is an indie comic group hellbent on bringing the most exciting outlandish stories to indie comics. We at Theme Attics Comics have a nostalgia for an era of comics which has long passed. Our mission is to bring modern stories with the look of retro comics.


An overly ambitious henchman stole the world’s deadliest antihero serum, except he doesn’t remember why he stole it in the first place. Escaping his former employer caused him to get into a plane crash which gave him amnesia. Why did he steal from his boss and why is he so determined to kill heroes?


A bad mentor, an amoral bounty hunter, but a good shot, Ryan The Revolver is a devil who's past sins are always on his doorsteps. His memories keep him pushing forward to doing more and more dangerous stunts to fill his mind with thoughts outside of his grief. His travels pair him with an Off-fit Fellowship of a pig, an ogre, a ninja, and a warmonger gladiator, but can his past demons allow him to work with a team?

Jetburn #1

Jetburn’s amnesia from a plane crash causes him to accidentally confront the man he was running from, Orbital Dread. Dread wants nothing more than for Jetburn to regain his memory and he doesn’t care how much pain he has to inflict to know find out this henchman robbed him of his greatest power.

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Drahcir's Slaughter #1

Drahcir is an evil wizard who has forcibly taken the position of king. Enveloped by bad dreams, Drahcir fears an imminent invasion is coming and sees that the only answer is to raise an army. On his warpath Drahcir has wronged many, causing an off-fit fellowship to be formed. No matter the cost, these outcasts will get their revenge.

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Drahcir's Slaughter #2

The Off-Fits have begun their quest of dethroning the devilish king known as Drahcir. Along their journey they have uncovered a grave tool of influence: Drahcir has reverse engineered a mind control device powerful enough to brainwash an entire town. As the group begin their efforts to destroy the device, a huntsman of Drahcir joins the fray to lure Incog to himself.

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Attics Blown

Off-Fits from distant lands combine forces to battle a mad king. This evil king is tormented by nightmares of a burn victim with amnesia, who is on a path to find out who he once was. Attics Blown collects Jetburn #1, Drahcir’s Slaughter #1, and Drahcir’s Slaughter #2.

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