Welcome to Flat Timez Publishing. Awaken Volume #1 is the first chapter of an epic sci-fi adventure series. From the outlandish minds of Oliver Brown and William Fiske comes a new take on the genre. 


What can one kid do in the face of a corrupt and oppressive world? Well, Zesh is on his way to finding out. Considered a dreamer by most, Zesh is constantly caught up in the worlds beyond his waking life. Zesh is a quick-witted kid with a strong sense of intuition, empathy, and like most kids his age - sarcasm...And for a kid growing up after the end of the world, he also has an exquisite collection of 90s rap music! Z is a student growing up in the lower-class district of Fruatia. Though unlike most, he has an opportunity to leave the life he knows behind and embrace a new one amongst the city's elites and upper-class. However, he is starting to feel that this decision is not an easy one to make. Confronted by the injustice of the world around him, Zesh is guided to forge a new path beyond the stern control of the city - a path of personal empowerment and reconnection to nature.

Awaken Vol. #1

In a world where Earth has been destroyed and humanity is kept alive with space-age technology, we follow the awakening of one kid as he comes to know himself in the dystopian world that he calls home. Awaken explores ideas of philosophy, spirituality, and politics, asking such questions as, "Who are we?", "What are we?", and “Where are we going as a species?"

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