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Lancelot, the last knight of the round table, was made immortal after the final battle of Camelot. With help from a supporting cast of characters from myth and history, he must fight to protect the world from the forces of darkness that mean to cause it harm. 


Secret Identity: Connor Thorne

Linked to the Greek god of cicadas, Tithonus. He must use everything he knows as an archeology grad student to navigate a new world of myths and monsters! 

Chronic Ranger

Secret Identity: Charlie “Chuuch” Mota

Every team needs a captain. Chuuch, a senior at West Dale High School, has developed a reputation as a master striker on the field! Rumor has it he got the name Chuuch from smoking like a choo-choo train before practice, while always keeping top pace on every run. Off the field he spends most of his time caring for his 7 brothers and sisters, or going on hikes with his best friends, The Hiking Club! However this is no ordinary club, as they are destined to become the Super Stoner Chronic Rangers, a team whose mission it is to combat the dark and deceitful forces lurking in the shadows. But first they must prove they are of good heart, mind, and lung, for this special weed of theirs is not for the weak willed! See Chuuch and his dysfunctional pals take a few hits, and dish a few out in SSCR.

Legends #1

Meet Lancelot as he investigates an increase in undead incidents occurring around the globe.  

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Legends #2

After the events of issue #1, Lancelot must chase the Demon across the World to stop him from raising the worst of the worst. Necrosis!

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Escape The Pit #1

A mysterious incident has caused Castle's maximum security prison known as "The Pit" to malfunction. As a result, all sorts of dangerous monsters from both Legends and The Alpha Series escape.

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GodPunk #0

When Connor Thorne, a young archaeology student, takes a mysterious trip to a dig site in Greece he finds himself in the middle of a millennia old conflict. The god Tithonus has chosen Connor to wield the CICADA CHANGER and transform into GODPUNK! Now he faces armed mercenaries, vengeful gods, and many more challenges fit for ancient myth.

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Tiny Tokes #1

Love! Through Hell and High Water!

Ahhh…Love is in the air… Or is that something else? Chuuch and his girlfriend Bethany Blazeit ditch school for their anniversary to have lunch and a smoke at the park, but when they cross paths with a scornful fisherman out for blood they are thrust into a battle for survival against the large hook-fisted bastard. Can our heroes fry this fish? Tune in to find out!

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Tiny Tokes #2

Bookworm v. Book Worm

There's never enough hours in the day. Ricky tries to get some late night work done at the local library when an awfully clever creature decides to pick his brain! Can our team's resident book worm defeat this Bookworm? Tune in to find out!

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